Portfolio Management

At MC Global, our investment philosophy is based upon a structured, disciplined and risk controlled approach to portfolio design. In order to protect our clients' capital and increase their wealth, we implement a macro-economic approach to investing which is asset allocation driven. We look at key macro-economic indicators like interest rates, individual sector growth, economic growth and even geo-political factors before arriving at a shortlist

Following this process and, depending on the prevailing stage in the economic cycle, our advisors allocate assets which best reflect the client’s risk tolerance and the overall economic outlook our analysts expect to prevail over the term of the investment.

Relying on a proven approach to investment success, we:

  • Build a portfolio that mitigates risk while maximizing long-term growth potential.
  • Help clients ascertain their most favorable asset allocation.
  • Opt for a “best in breed” blend of investments that furnish our clients with the best possible return on their initial investment.
  • Monitor results against set targets.

MC Global sets great store by the need for flexibility when devising client portfolios. The portfolio must be adaptable and flexible enough to change as the client’s life circumstances evolve. There is little use in a portfolio that ties up capital that may be needed for a significant event such as purchase of a home or the financing of a business venture. It is imperative that clients be as open-minded and realistic as possible when providing this information.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Rebalancing is a feature of your plan that keeps it reflective of your individuality. While we fully understand the innate desire to keep holding a winning position, it is often this approach that can lead to less than optimum portfolio performance.

Our discipline must see past this desire and allow us to sell off the asset class that has performed well with a view to re-investing the profits into a part of the portfolio that has performed less well. This is effectively a buy low – sell high approach which, of course, is the aim of every investor. This process is called rebalancing and it plays a crucial role in ensuring that your portfolio and overall strategy achieves the objectives set down at the outset.