Mizuho Financial Global conducts fundamental, technical, and macro-economic research that enables us to devise an investment strategy that is unique and personalized to each client. We base our research on information sourced from the following:

Our Research Approach

Although we are not strictly contrarian in our approach, we understand that when everyone is piling in at the top of any market, it is usually a sign that Mizuho Financial Global’s smarter investors should be quietly looking for the exit.

We rely upon traditional methods of analysis including fundamental where we pore over the minutiae of the subject company’s balance sheets, examine their earnings, churn the price-to-earnings ratio and earnings per share.

We complement this with technical analysis which enables us to identify suitable entry points into the market for the said stock. We like to buy into a stock when it is consolidating or on a pullback.

Such is the faith that we have in our analysts, we produce and market a subscription service to our clients which identifies optimum entry points for stocks which are set to experience sharp appreciation in value.

The depth of the research our analysts perform on the subject companies is such that they very rarely issue more than 15 “buy with conviction” recommendations in a year.